Not Just 40 Days and 40 Nights

I recently started to read through The Reese Chronological Bible and today I was reading about Noah.  You know how it goes.  Noah builds an ark, all of the animals and Noah’s family get on the ark, the earth is flooded, lots of rain….  Wait, what did that just say?  “And the waters prevailed upon the earth an hundred and fifty days” Genesis 7:24.  How come I don’t remember reading that before?!  I turn the page and the Edward Reese had charted out the entire period of the flood based on the dates and time frames mentioned in the Bible. He shows them being on the boat for an entire year!

Wow, I would be going stir crazy.  I don’t like it if we have few gray, rainy days in a row but I can at least leave my house and the rain doesn’t last too long.  I can just imagine what would be going through my mind if I was on that boat.  “When will this ever end?”  “I miss my home.”  “I miss seeing and talking to other people.”  “I am so tired of eating the same stale food!  I wish I could pick something fresh from my garden.” “I can’t wait to get off this smelly, old boat.”  It would be so easy to question God and His plan.  So often I grumble when I am in a situation or trial that I don’t like.  I need to remember that God’s ways are always best and there will always be something good that comes from those situations.  In Noah’s case his family was blessed and God made a promise to all living creatures on the earth to never again destroy them with a flood.  What will it be in my case?  What is He doing in me, for me and through me?


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