Friday Five {Vol. 3}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. God’s provision.  I am always amazed by how God provides for our financial needs!  Sometimes I look at the numbers on paper and it seems impossible to pay all of the bills.  But, without fail the money is always there when we need it.  It seems to trickle in without me even noticing it.

2. Horses.  There is a small pasture with three horses near our house.  Sometimes we walk past it and if the horses are out we try to coax them to come over.  They always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence and will happily munch on the grass we pull up and offer them.IMG_20130424_175423

3. Good days that follow bad.  Henry went through a growth spurt this week.  I could feel it creeping up….fussy…..clingy….then it hit……and it hit hard.  He wanted to eat every hour, stayed awake for 12 hours straight and SCREAMED if I put him down for any reason.  Ughh…thankfully there are always good days that follow those bad days. 🙂

4. Five Guys.  We haven’t eaten out in a looooong time.  I tried to think of the last place we went and I couldn’t remember what it was.  Yesterday I convinced Stephen that we should go eat at Five Guys.  I absolutely LOVE their burgers!!  Mmmmmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it.  If you have ever been there you know that they have index cards and crayons for their customers to write notes or draw pictures and then post them up on the cork board.  One time I spied this drawing on the board and I stole it.  Yes, lock me up, I am a criminal!  Thank you amazing, anonymous, crayon artist…..your drawing still makes me smile after all of these years of looking at it on my cork board.DSC02773

5. Chocolate Chips.  I love chocolate and if I buy chocolate candy I will gobble it down.  For some reason I tend to forget that I usually have chocolate chips in the cabinet.  On those days when I am really craving chocolate I’ll have one of those “eureka!” moments when I remember the chocolate chips. 🙂

So what made you smile this week?



4 thoughts on “Friday Five {Vol. 3}

  1. 1. Your Posts. I enjoy hearing about your day, week, anything.
    2. Audiobooks. Currently, I’m listening to “The Help”. I highly recommend it!
    3. Church. We visited a new church last week. Nice people :). (Though we probably won’t make a return visit.)
    4. Coffee & Hot Chocolate. I’ve been drinking this on my drive to work. Makes the drive peaceful and relaxing.
    5. The coupon blog that I follow recently posted that she needed help. So with fingers crossed, I applied!

  2. what made me smile ? 1.Christian Music … That i can sit cry, pray and listen too… always helps me through times i no longer have the words too say or pray. 2.Boxes, Well here we are we are moving AGAIN but back to south carolina ! YAY:) This is it .. last time ever .. but we never had thrown away the boxes that we used to move in here three months ago .. so here we are repacking once again to start all over ! oh and 5$ totes at walmart ! 3.Good Friends, Even in tears hard times, times of confussion and not being able to understand what is really going on.. i can call my friends especially emma .. who seem to be able to laugh with me through the tears and help me understand .. i am not alone & Chocolate Coconut Filled Cookies …. 2 hours of sitting , laughing playing bingo eating all the junk food and goodies i want too. . . left me feeling happy and far away from any problem i was facing ….


    • I’m glad you were able to smile in the midst of your tough week. You know I’ll always be there for you….but more importantly God will always be there for you. 🙂

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