Just Like Mom

For those of you who receive email updates and don’t read new posts directly from the blog you may have missed the video of Henry clapping in the last Friday Five post.  Sorry, I always seem to have issues with the links to my youtube videos showing up in the email updates.  You can see video if you head on over to the blog or my youtube channel.


Henry is starting to imitate our daily activities and I  think it is so cute!  Here are a few things I’ve caught him doing.

He has been sweeping the floor,Just Like Mom - finddailyjoy.com

talking on the phone,Just Like Mom - finddailyjoy.com

cooking,Just Like Mom - finddailyjoy.com

putting on gloves (I always put these on when I add more wood to our wood burning stove),Just Like Mom - finddailyjoy.comand putting on shoes.Just Like Mom - finddailyjoy.com



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