Valentine’s Day Garland {Tutorial}

Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

As I was decorating for Valentine’s day I kept thinking my display was looking a little flat.  It need more oomph….more pizzaz.  It needed something on the wall, so I whipped up this simple heart garland!Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

To make your own Valentine’s day garland you will need:

  • Foam hearts (I bought this package of hearts from a craft store.  If you can’t find something similar you can buy sheets of foam and cut out hearts.)
  • Ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors

My red doily hearts are slightly smaller than the white hearts.  To create a nice layered look I hot glued the red hearts on top of the white hearts.Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

Then I punched two holes in the top outer edges of the hearts.Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

To connect the hearts; I tied them together with ribbon.Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

There, now  doesn’t that look nice?Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

I even made little letters for my mailbox by cutting out rectangles from the extra foam hearts and drawing on them with a black sharpie.Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -

Oh, and those wooden conversation hearts bring back fun memories of elementary school Valentine’s Day parties!Valentine's Day Garland {Tutorial} -



I’ll be linking up to some of these amazing site listed here.


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