He Found His Thumb


Henry officially sucked his thumb for the first time today.  For weeks now he has been trying to suck his thumb but he wouldn’t stick it out away from his hand.  He would end up shoving half of his fist in his mouth and was getting very frustrated.  Today when I put him down for a nap he fell asleep within just a few minutes by sucking his thumb!  How do I feel about all of this?  I am thrilled!!  Henry always fights sleep with every fiber of his being and now he has a way to sooth himself.  I am walking on cloud nine envisioning no more trips to the crib when his pacifier falls out and he really wants it back. Perhaps I may even enjoy a quiet car ride rather than sitting helplessly in the front seat while he screams in the back seat.  At the moment I’m not worried about him messing up his teeth or having to break a bad habit.  I may live to regret those word but for the moment a happy baby means a happy Mommy.


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