I Cloth Diaper {Part 1}

DSC02905Sometimes I get weird looks from people when I say that I cloth diaper.  Most people think of the old fashion cloth diapers with big metal pins and funny plastic covers.  But cloth diapers have really come a long way and it is a growing trend.   There are several reasons why people are choosing cloth diapers over disposable.

  • More economical.  This was my number one reason for choosing cloth.  I’ve heard it estimated that from birth to potty training you can spend $2,000 – $3,000 on disposable diapers verses $300 – $600 on cloth diapers.
  • Less rashes.  There are no super absorbent gels, dyes or perfumes to irritate the babies skin.  Plus cloth diapers are more breathable.
  • Greener.  It is estimated that it will take 500 years for disposable diapers to decompose.  The more you are reusing the less you are throwing away.
  • Earlier potty training.  Since cloth diapers feel wetter than disposables many people say they are able to potty train at a younger age.
  • They are cute.  There are lots of fun colors and prints to chose from!

I recently had a friend ask about cloth diapering so I typed up everything I knew for her.  I’ve only been doing this for five months so I am certainly not an expert.  But I figured that some of you may be interested this topic as well so I’ve decided to do a little series on cloth diapering over the next few days.

UPDATE: Here are the links to {Part 2}, {Part 3}, and {Part 4}.



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