Friday Five {Vol. 7}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. Answered prayer.  A friend of mine was looking for a new place to rent and God provided her family with a place that is better than they ever dreamed of getting!

2. Strawberries.  Hooray for strawberry season!  I could eat these everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Friday Five {Vol. 7} -

3. Playing outside.  Henry loves to go outside and now he is starting to enjoy his swing.Friday Five {Vol. 7} -

4. Fun containers.  A friend gave me these Baby Bullet food containers as a shower gift and I think they are so cute!  I also like that you can turn the dial to the date that you made the food, that’s one less thing I have to try and remember.Friday Five {Vol. 7} -

5. Baby shoes.  I just love these little shoes!!  Friday Five {Vol. 7} -

So what made you smile this week?



2 thoughts on “Friday Five {Vol. 7}

  1. Well What made me smile?

    1. Starbucks Frappuccino’s You can buy in the store! a must have with my breakfast!

    2. Church yard sales! Where we found a brand new phone for 50cents!!! Thanks for the invite emma x

    3. Spray on tan ( Haha ) Yeah i have not gone out in the sun for a long time yet this summer and my legs were WHITE! ohmy.. But i Found a great spray tan you can do at home! and it don’t leave you feeling all sticky!!!!!

    4. My friend from china ( who use to live here ) is coming home in July with her new baby and i can’t wait to meet him!

    5. My husbands coworker zeek who invited us over dinner and conversation! the food was yummmmy!

    Hope we can do dinner again soon emma!!:) You make the BEST spaghetti !!! 🙂


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