Friday Five {Vol. 8}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. We sold our car.  This car has seen better days.  It was old and beat up when I got it back in college but it greatly surpassed everyone’s expectations and just kept running.  It’s a little sad to see your first car go, but I can’t say I miss it.Friday Five {Vol. 8} -

2. Stephen’s garden.  We were late in planting our garden this summer but it is off to a good start and all the recent rain is sure to help it out.Friday Five {Vol. 8} - finddailyjoy.comDSC03300

3.  Act of kindness.  When you shop at Aldi you have to put a quarter in the slot to get your shopping cart then when you return your shopping cart you get your quarter back.  It is not uncommon for people coming and going to stop each other in the parking lot to exchange carts and quarters.  This week when I went to Aldi a lady gave me her cart and said “Oh no, I don’t need your quarter.  Just pass the cart along when your done.”   It was a small gesture but I appreciated it.  When so many people these days are looking out for themselves and what they can get it was nice to see someone think of others.

4. Stephan’s excitement.  When Stephen gets excited about something he’ll get all giddy.  It’s contagious!

5. Henry’s smile.  How could you not smile when he flashes you one of these?Friday Five {Vol. 8} -

So what made you smile this week?



One thought on “Friday Five {Vol. 8}

  1. First: what is stephen excited about! lol

    So here is my 5!

    1. Went to dinner with Nate and his wife at the macaroni grill friday night! was a fun time:)

    2. That i got to spend all day Friday with my husband!:)

    3. Ice Cream Cones, And long talks with randy while sitting outside in the sun ❤

    4. MARGARITAS!!!!! 🙂 .. One every once and a while is a good thing!

    5. ALL the free stuff i am getting this month ( in my email ) because the 18th of june is my 31st birthday!!!! 🙂 Yes i am the queen of free on my birthday month!!!


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