Locking Up The Cabinets

Henry loves to open up the kitchen cabinets and explore their contents.  The cabinet with the plastic containers is by far the most interesting because he can easily pull out ALL of the containers.  From time to time I considered buying child safety locks for the cabinets but never made it a priority.  Locking Up The Cabinets - finddailyjoy.com

When we were helping my parents organize their carport I came across a package of cabinet locks and decided to give them a try.  Henry found the installation process to be very interesting!  Locking Up The Cabinets - finddailyjoy.com

We only had enough locks to install on half of the cabinets and of those locks half of them have already broken.  I don’t know if the ones we had were old and brittle or if they all break that easily.  Either way, we are back to this.Locking Up The Cabinets - finddailyjoy.com

Maybe I’ll go buy some more cabinet locks.  Or…….maybe I won’t.  I haven’t bothered to baby proof anything else in the house and we all seem to be getting along just fine.Locking Up The Cabinets - finddailyjoy.com



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