Easy Puzzle {Playing With Baby, Day 2}

I did a little brainstorming session to come up with a list of fun new activities for my ten month old and decided to share them with you over the next month in a series called 20 Days of Playing With Baby.  None of these ideas are Earth shattering, supper cool, never been done before activities but maybe you haven’t tried them before or maybe they will help spark a fun new activity of your own.


When I take Henry to the library they have a few puzzles on the tables that we play with.  At this point he is really good at taking all of the puzzle pieces off the board but of course can’t put the pieces back where they belong.  So I decide to make a super easy puzzle for him where all of the pieces are exactly the same and will fit no mater which way they are turned.

Easy Puzzle {Playing With Baby, Day 2} - finddailyjoy.com

For this activity I used:

  • Muffin pan
  • Balls (I had 6 wool balls that are a uniform size and would fit in the muffin pan.  You could also use tennis balls or the balls from a pool table) (click here to see my wool ball tutorial)

The concept is pretty simple.  I showed Henry how to take the balls out.Easy Puzzle {Playing With Baby, Day 2} - finddailyjoy.com

Then put them back in.Easy Puzzle {Playing With Baby, Day 2} - finddailyjoy.com

He had a great time moving the balls all around the pan!Easy Puzzle {Playing With Baby, Day 2} - finddailyjoy.com

And, as an added bonus, the silicon pan was interesting to play with.Easy Puzzle {Playing With Baby, Day 2} - finddailyjoy.com

In case you missed it, you can check out the previous day here: Rice Sensory Bin {Day 1}


This activity is great for developing your child’s: fine motor skills, reasoning and problem solving skills.


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