Friday Five {Vol. 28}


Here are five things that made Henry smile this week.

1. Snacks – This boy loves to eat!Friday Five {Vol. 28} -

2. Cat – A stray, tailless cat has been hanging around our house lately.  It is very friendly and will often come up to us and let us pet it.  Henry chases after that cat and then turns around a runs away expecting the cat to chase after him.Friday Five {Vol. 28} -

3. Dirt – Henry enjoys flinging dirt all over the place.  This last time he used a stick to help him scrape the dirt off of this small mound.Friday Five {Vol. 28} -

4. Crayons – I found these Crayola crayons and decided to give them a try.  The plastic animal holds a piece of crayon and is easy for little hands to grasp.  Henry thought they were fun to play with but I don’t think he realized he was coloring.  He has tried out a pencil before and because he could see the pencil point touching the paper and leaving a mark he made the connection mentally.  Next time I think I’ll skip the jumbo crayon holder and give him a regular crayon.Friday Five {Vol. 28} -

5. Window – When it is raining and he can’t go outside play he does the next best thing.  Look out the window.Friday Five {Vol. 28} -

So what made you smile this week?



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