Henry – One Month

Lets pretend we can travel back in time to when Henry was one month old.  We are so close to the beginning I figured it would be ok to play a little catch up. 🙂

Henry, at one month you…


  • Are starting to loose some of your dark hair on the top of your head and have gray eyes.
  • Are long and skinny (9lb 15 oz (51 percentile) & 23 1/4″ (>99 percentile)).  You are starting to grow out of newborn pajamas and onsies because you are long but you still don’t fill out newborn paint waists.
  • Love to eat.  It doesn’t matter if the food is from Mom or a bottle or if it is hot or cold.
  • Like to sleep with your headed turned to the left and can go for 4-5 hours between feedings at night.
  • Make cute little grunting noises when you try to wake up in the morning.
  • Hate baths, diaper changes and clothing changes!

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