What About Stephen?

So what has Stephen been up to?  Well, last weekend he went on a backpacking trip with a friend in the Pisgah National Forest.  There aren’t any amazing, adventuresome stories to share from the trip but he did have a fun and relaxing time.  They did a leisurely 12 mile hike (1.5 mi on Friday, 9.5 mi on Saturday & 1 on Sunday) and slept in each morning.  Since he was trying to travel light he didn’t take a camera with him.  He did however take this one picture on his phone.


Stephen’s all-time favorite hobby is kayaking.  We have a nice little collection of whitewater, recreational and touring boats and have been on on a number of fun paddling adventures together.  Stephen loves the thrill of whitewater kayaking and leaves me (a.k.a. scaredy cat) on the shore whenever he goes down those rivers.  Sadly, Stephen doesn’t have the appropriate cold water gear so he can’t paddle outside in the winter.  Instead, he has to pacify he paddling itch with some roll practice at the indoor pool.  He tried to teach me to roll one time but since I can’t really swim the idea of being upside down in a boat freaked me out.

As soon as the wether warms up this is what he will be doing.

While your in the land of YouTube you’ll have to check out Stephen’s Channel.  He has a few other videos posted up there.

Oh….and I must throw in this one last tidbit.  Stephen is now the secretary of the Foothills Paddling Club.  It makes me laugh every time I picture him diligently taking notes and typing up the minuets from the club meeting. 🙂



2 thoughts on “What About Stephen?

    • I did the same thing when I first watched the video! I also find myself leaning to the right or left to help steer the boat around obstacles in the river. =) I’m glad you guys enjoyed the video. I’ll be sure to pass your comment on to Stephen.

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