Easter Weekend

We had a very busy but fun weekend with family.  Henry was spoiled with all kinds of attention and gifts and we ate until I thought we were going to explode!  I took lots pictures but here are the highlights.


Thursday: My parents arrived at our house in the evening and we stayed up far too late talking.

Friday: While Stephen was at work we went shopping for his birthday presents.  Then in the evening we had some relatives on my Dad’s side of the family over for dinner.


Saturday: My other set of Grandparents and a cousin arrived at lunch time and spent the day.  We didn’t have enough room to house them so they spent the night with other family and joined us again on Sunday.


Sunday: We went to church for the sunrise service, breakfast and morning service.  It was great to reflect upon what God did for us in sending His son to die for the sins of all mankind that we may have eternal life.  We then went home for our Easter feast and more relatives from my Mom’s side joined us in the afternoon.  That evening everyone went home.



Monday: I was tired and totally unmotivated to do anything so Henry and I relaxed.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather by swinging in the hammock and going for a walk.  🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to go eat a few sugar cookies!



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