Friday Five {Vol. 6}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. Truck.  We got a truck!!  Stephen could go on and on telling you all about it but since I’m a typical girl that doesn’t get as excited about these kinds of things I won’t delve into all the details.  I will say that it is very nice to have another dependable vehicle with air conditioning and windows that roll down (a must here in the south).  One of these days I’ll get to master a new skill – driving a stick shift!DSC03108

2. Changing table.  While I was out of town last weekend Stephen painted the changing table. 🙂  We had bought the paint before Henry was born but had never gotten around to the project.  I don’t think I have any before pictures to show you but it was white.  I was fine with the white color but it was a little beat up so I decided to go with a fun color this time around.DSC03180

3. Hand-me-downs.  I received some hand-me-downs for Henry from a friend this week!  It was like Christmas morning going through the big bag of clothes.

4. Homemade bread.  When I was working full time I never made homemade yeast bread.  I would have been up until midnight waiting for the dough to rise!  Now it is no big deal waiting an hour only to punch the dough and wait another 45 minutes.  Mmmmmmm…….my house smells so good right now!  Has anyone ever seen a candle that captures this smell?DSC03166

5. Naps.  I don’t know why but Henry is having a really good nap day today. He is currently taking his fourth nap of the day and hasn’t cried for more than five minutes before falling asleep each time!  Ahhhhh……I will do my best to savor the peace and quite. 🙂

So what made you smile this week?



3 thoughts on “Friday Five {Vol. 6}

  1. 1. That we got to travel to indiana and kentucky to see our family!

    2. New ” front ” tires on our car!!! 😉

    3. God watched out for us after the robbery of our apartment and we got home just in time, and got most of our stuff back.. Hoping that in time we will get the rest back also.. 😦

    4. For good friends who watch over us and called to check up on us after this mess happened .

    5. a beautiful bracelet that a friend gave me and sent to me in the mail, in the mist of all this nonsense… It was just a heart warming surprise ❤


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