We’re Back!


Henry and I have returned from a little weekend trip.  Stephen had to work so he didn’t join us. 😦  Oh well, my Mom and I did some girly stuff so he probably wouldn’t have had that much fun.

Here is a quick recap of what we did.

Friday: Henry usually does well on the short two hour trip to my parents house and sleeps the whole time.  But this time he woke up when I hit the stop and go traffic in the construction area.  Just about the time I decided I was going to get off at the next exit and feed him the congestion broke up and he fell back asleep.  When we arrived at my parents house my Mom and I took Henry and the dog for a walk.  It rained on us a little bit but thankfully it didn’t start pouring.  We went down to a consignment shop and I bought Henry a little toy.

Saturday: My Mom had a gift certificate for a nail salon so we went for pedicures.  She is super ticklish and it was funny to watch her try not to laugh when they were touching her feet.DSC03115(Note to kids – do NOT try to cram your feet into shoes that are too small for you.  I don’t care how much you love those shoes and want to cry at the mere thought of depleting your wonderful shoe collection.  Just look at my weird toes!)

Henry stayed home with my Dad while we did the nail thing.  Henry thought the dog was lots of fun to watch but the dog did NOT like Henry.  Especially when he tried to “pet” the dog.  It will be interesting to see what happens when Henry starts to crawl.

When my Mom and I got home we all went out to lunch.  I decided to be brave and forgo my traditional order of chicken strips or hamburger and selected a turkey sandwich that had avocado slices on it.  Usually the color and texture of avocados would turn me off but I’ve got to say that they weren’t too bad on the sandwich.  Henry did well sitting with us at the table but did not like the diaper changing experience in the bathroom.  Perhaps it was the fact that there was a vent directly above blasting arctic gail force winds on his half naked body.  Or maybe it was the fact that the music was ten times louder in the bathroom.  It would have been wise to put in earplugs to protect us from hearing loss.  I suppose it didn’t help that the roar from the echoing toilet flush was enough to compete with Niagara falls.    Lets just say that many a tear was shed and I may have set a world record for the fastest diaper change.DSC03120

The rest of the day was spent shopping!!  We went to several stores and I found some great dresses. Score! 🙂  My Dad traipsed around with us and kept Henry entertained.  That was a HUGE help!DSC03123

Look at these cute socks we got for Henry.  I’ve seen the ones for girls that look like mary janes or ballet slippers but I’ve never seen the ones that look like loafers before.DSC03126

Sunday:  My parents church has a nursery but it is not staffed soooooo…..I tried my best to keep Henry quite and stay in the service but…….it didn’t work.  I was  there for the singing before Sunday school then I had to go out to the nursery.  Then I came back in for the singing in the service and had to leave again before the preaching started.  It would be nice if they had a speaker in the nursery so you could at least hear the service.

After lunch we headed out to a wedding shower for my soon to be Sister-in-law.  We were cruising down the highway and I started to exit onto another highway.  It was one of those super tight curves on a clover leaf interchange.  When I was at the top of the exit ramp I started to hear a scratching noise up by the front driver side tire.  When I got down to the bottom of the ramp a heard a loud crunch/bang sound and saw a big black thing in my rear view mirror!  It looked like one of those big chunks of rubber that comes off of semi truck tires.  I got off at the first exit and pulled into a gas station to check out the car.  Turns out I lost the part of the frame that goes around the wheel and protects the front end of your car from all of the water and debris flung up by your tire.  How does something like that happen!?  How does it just fall off without warning?  You would think just one bolt would give way and you would hear something long before the entire thing broke off.  I looked at the car some more with my keen, highly trained, auto mechanic eye and declared the car fit to enter the highway again.

We made it to the shower and since my Dad watched Henry again I got to enjoy eating my cake without trying to keep it away from little hands.  She got some great gifts that will certainly help as they set up their new home.DSC03128

After I left the shower I stopped at the Subway where my Brother works and talked to him for a few minutes.  I also got a free sandwich!

It was nice to see everyone and I had a lot of fun but it is good to be home.  Henry was so excited to be back in familiar surroundings and see his Dad.  He squealed with delight and flailed his arms and legs far more than usual.  He also gave his Dad lots of big smiles. 🙂



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