Do Not Leave Child Unattended

There is a good reason why they have warning labels that say “do not leave child unattended”.  It is because one day you will turn around to find your baby like this.

Do not leave child unattended -

I’m guessing he sat up, then looked over the side and saw a really enticing toy and tried to reach for it.

Do not leave child unattended -

I suppose it is time to retire this infant seat!  Last week we were at a friends house and Henry tried out their exersaucer.  He liked it so I decided to get out his walker.  He can’t make it move anywhere yet but he loves the fact that he can sit or stand upright and he enjoys the toys that are attached to the top of the tray.

DSC03172Do not leave child unattended -

I’m sure the excitement will wear off but for the moment it will keep him entertained for at least 30 minutes!



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