Friday Five {Vol. 9}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.  (Sorry no interesting pictures this time around.  I’ve been busy.)

1. It’s not broken.  My Mom had an accident at work and the first doctor she saw told her she had broken her hand.  Thankfully the second doctor she saw said it wasn’t broken.  Not only would it not be fun to have a broken hand but it would have been a real bummer to have your arm in a cast when you go on your summer vacation to the beach.

2. Ice cream.  Mmmmmm…..nothing says summer to me like a bowl of ice cream on a hot afternoon.

3.  Our porch.  Henry and I often enjoy going out on the screened in porch to play.  It’s nice and shady and mosquito free.

4. Completed project.  I am a list maker and it drives me crazy when I am working on a big project that I can’t cross off my list.  I finished a project this week that I had been working on for several weeks and it felt so good to finally put it behind me.

5. Movie night.  So often when I put Henry to bed for the night I run around the house trying to get everything done that didn’t get done during the day.  Sometimes I convince myself that it is ok to leave the kitchen a mess and just relax.  Last night was on of those lazy nights and Stephen and I enjoyed watching a movie.

So what made you smile this week?



One thought on “Friday Five {Vol. 9}

  1. What made me smile this week?

    1. Finally! getting my unemployment money in! so i could get all the bills paid! and grocery shopping done! God is soo good! He is always on time and never late! and he was JUST in time! 🙂 NOW! to find a job before that Ruuuuuunnnns! OUT!! x

    2. I sign up for free stuff for my birthday month from every where i can get my little hands on and my email box has been full of FREE! so far i have got 2 subs and ice cream! and gift certificates so far! and lots more to come 😀 like free make up!

    sign up here!

    3. My DVR!

    Yeaaaaah i am stuck on some cable tv shows! i can’t help it i wish i could just live with out it but i cannnnnnt! LOL I ❤ my doctor shows/ medical shows ! Greys Anatomy!!!! 😀

    4. Emma.

    She always makes me smile i can call her any time and talk forever about the most random things and i am sooo thankful for YOU!:) You always make me smile ❤

    5. Miracle Hill!

    I really need some shorts or capris for summer! i only have 1 pair of capris! well they organized all of there store and put all the capris on one rack and i found 5 pairs and really nice summer pants for only 4 dollars each!!! THAT really made me smile!!!


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