Friday Five {Vol. 10}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.  

1.  Fire ant control.  When we first moved into this house we didn’t have any problems with fire ants but over the years they have started to invade our yard.  This year they are really bad and we have been trying to wage war on them.  We were loosing the battle the last few months but I think we have finally gotten the upper hand.  Now if only we could get rid of the mosquitos…..

2.  Fruit.  When I went grocery shopping this week I simply couldn’t resist buying lots of fruit.  It all looked so good but I limited myself to just six varieties.Friday Five {Vol. 10} -

3.  Hair cut.  I technically got my hair cut last week but it made me smile this week when the sticky, humid weather rolled in.  So, did you notice the new hairdo in my other posts this week?  If not you can go back and check it out here and here.

4.  Cilantro.  I used fresh cilantro in our dinner tonight and it smelled sooooooo good as I was working in the kitchen.

5.   Milk jug.  Henry was thrilled to play with this empty milk jug and he was cracking me up!  His eyes would get wide, he would shriek with delight and flail his arms and legs as I brought it towards him.  Then once the jug was on the tray in front of him he would pounce upon it.  In his effort to simultaneously eat and pummel the jug it would inevitably fly off the tray and Henry would stare after it longingly.  We repeated this several times until I got tired of the little game.Friday Five {Vol. 10} -

So what made you smile this week?



5 thoughts on “Friday Five {Vol. 10}

  1. The Bub and Emma,
    Robyn and I love y’all’s blog here–such an encouragement to us to see y’all this waya nd how y’all are doing. Henry is so cute and I hope one day he can meet our little Rachel Elise.
    Robbie + Robyn 🙂

    • Thanks, so great to hear from you! Your Mom said you are back in the states. Next time you visit her you’ll have to let us know. We would love to catch up with you guys and meet Rachel. 🙂

  2. That’s such a cute picture of Henry. I think if you put a dark curly wig on him, he’d look like a mini you :). Here’s what made me smile.

    1. Being creative makes me happy. Chad bought flowers for his mom, and I arranged them. It took me awhile, but it was definitely flower shop worthy!

    2. Having a workout buddy makes me happy too. So thanks to our accountability system, I have already worked out 3 times this week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).

    3. Thinking about what made me smile makes me smile :).

    • Ha ha…is that what I look like when I’m being all dramatic and telling a super exciting story?

      Glad to hear you met your exercising goal this week!! 🙂 Did you take a picture of your flower arrangement? I would love to see it.

  3. What made me smile?

    1. A trip to go see my best friends new house!

    2. Walks down town with my husband

    3. FRUIT Stands!! We bought all kind for just 10$

    4. Learning coupons and organizing them! My first shopping trip was a huge success!!!! 🙂 <— Is where i am learning! they are THE Best

    5, Flea Markets! I found  some great deals! like a steam cleaning mop for only 1$!!

    By the way!:) Love the hair cut! Hope to see you some time this next week x


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