Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary! - finddailyjoy.com

This weekend Stephen and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  It is hard to believe that I have been happily married to my childhood sweetheart for six years.  Each year seems to fly by faster than the last.  I really couldn’t ask for a better partner to journey through this life with.  Our strength and weaknesses complement each other wonderfully.  His bold and courageous sense of adventure pulls me out of my comfort zone and leads to a lot of fun.  My obsession with planning and organizing slows down his impulsiveness.

We celebrated by dropping Henry off with a babysitter while we went out to dinner at California Dreaming (a restaurant we only go to on special occasions).  Then we went downtown to the garden where we got married.  The garden used to be a small rock quarry so it is dug down below the street level.  It’s one of the towns best kept secrets because if you didn’t know it was there you could easily drive right by without ever seeing it.  One end has a small waterfall with a little pool at the bottom next to a grove of bamboo.  The pool of water spills out into a narrow creek that flows through the middle of the garden.  At the other end of the garden is a stone bridge that crosses the creek and looks like it could be right out of a fairy tail.

We haven’t been there in a while and they had made some changes to the garden.  They had removed a lot of the trees and bushes on one end.  I suppose it let in more light which helps with all of the flowers they put in.  But, I prefer the old, wooded, cozy feel to the newer, manicured landscaping.Happy Anniversary! - finddailyjoy.com

Now lets take a walk down memory lane…..Happy Anniversary! - finddailyjoy.com

Happy Anniversary! - finddailyjoy.com

Happy Anniversary! - finddailyjoy.com

One of my favorite parts of the day was when we went downtown for ice cream after the wedding.  It was one of the places that we went to a lot when we were dating (If you remember, we went to the ice cream shop recently with Henry).  There were lots of people honking their horns and congratulating us as we walked around.  So much fun!

Happy Anniversary! - finddailyjoy.com



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