Friday Five {Vol. 20}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.  

1.  Wood Stove – Cool weather is finally here and we have started using our wood stove again.  It is warm and cozy in our little house. Friday Five {Vol. 20} -

2.  Popsicle – Henry’s favorite new treats are “popsicles”.  I have lots of pureed fruits that I have frozen in ice cube trays.  I put a cube in his mesh bag and let him suck and chew to his hearts content.  Henry does not like cold teething toys so these sweet “popsicles” have been a great help when he got three new teeth in eight days.Friday Five {Vol. 20} -

3.  Kix – I have not had Kix in years.  But I bought them this week and they are just as good as I remember them from childhood.

4.  Library story time – The more we go to the library the more Henry enjoys going.  We don’t usually stay for the play time after the story time because he is ready for a nap.  But this week he wasn’t acting too tired so we stayed.  Henry just crawled right out to the toys and joined in the fun.  See ya later Mom!Friday Five {Vol. 20} -

5.  Baby shoes – Aren’t baby shoes just the cutest things ever!  I had sewn two pairs of shoes for him a month ago but he has already outgrown them.  I found these little kicks for super cheap and just had to get them.Friday Five {Vol. 20} -

So what made you smile this week?MySigniture


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