Friday Five {Vol. 21}


This weeks Friday 5 will be a little different.  I am rounding up a few random pictures of Henry from this month and playing a little catch up.  I guess you could say that these are five things that made Henry smile.

1.  Sliding.  Stephen helped Henry go down a slide for the first time and he loved every minute of it.Friday Five {Vol. 21} -

2.  Snack time.  After our little shopping trip at Ikea Henry enjoyed a quick snack.Friday Five {Vol. 21} -

3. Looking over the gate.  Since cold weather is finally here and we are using our wood burning stove we have baby gates up to keep Henry out of the room with the stove.  Henry likes to stand on his tiptoes to peer over the gate and watch the flames dance in the stove.Friday Five {Vol. 21} -

4. Climbing.  In the past I have climbed up the ladder to the attic and Henry has just sat on the floor looking up.  This time he tried to climb up after me.Friday Five {Vol. 21} -

5. Popper toy.  Henry thinks it is very entertaining to to push the toy back and forth and watch the balls pop up.Friday Five {Vol. 21} -

So what made you smile this week?MySigniture


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