Friday Five {Vol. 22}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.  

1. Sunset – I love it when God paints a beautiful sunset across the sky for me to enjoy.Friday Five {Vol. 22} -

2.  Green lights – I was running a little behind the other day and was thrilled when I hit green lights my entire trip.

3.  Shopping Buddy – Henry thoroughly enjoys shopping with me.  He’ll take any chance he can get to go places and see new people.  I’m just happy that he is so well behaved in the stores.

Friday Five {Vol. 22} -

4.  Kind words – I had an Aunt send me a very kind and encouraging email.  It did more than just make me smile.  It made my day!

5.   Caring Husband – I have been sick for almost a week and for some reason it really hit me hard earlier this week.  My Hubby couldn’t do much for me but I’m thankful for all of the times he made me hot cider and filled the humidifier.

So what made you smile this week?MySigniture


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