Playing Outside

Our cold snap is over and we are back to our usual winter weather here in South Carolina.  Since the sun was shinning and the weather was nice Henry and I went outside to play while Stephen was working.  Last summer Henry liked to sit in his swing and watch everything go on around him.  Now, if you put him in the swing he will cry because he wants to get down and explore!

By far, the most exciting thing in the back yard are the steps to the porch.Playing Outside -

Henry can crawl up the steps just fine but I can’t convince him that he should scooch back down them on his behind.  He insist that he walk down the steps and wants to hold onto the handrail like a big boy.  Holding onto mom’s hand is optional in his mind.Playing Outside -

We may not have a fancy play set with a fun slide but we have the next best thing….pallets!Playing Outside -

Henry spent a long time crawling and walking all over these things.  Maneuvering over the slats of wood without falling through the cracks is probably good for his balance and coordination so I let him explore and tried not to worry about him getting splinters or twisting his ankle.  He’ll be sad when Stephen fills up these pallets with firewood.Playing Outside -

Playing Outside -

Don’t worry if there aren’t any toys around.  You can always find a good stick to play with!Playing Outside -

Henry thinks that acorns are fun too but I don’t particularly enjoy fishing them out of his mouth.Playing Outside -



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