Friday Five {Vol. 16}

Friday Five -

Here are five things that made me smile this week.   1.  Pie.  Stephen bought huge, juicy peaches from a road side stand.  Since the last peaches we had were turned into baby food I decided these were going to … Continue reading


Still A Baby

Still A Baby -

Dear Henry, So often I compare you to months past and think “Wow!  You’ve grown so much.  You’re getting to be such a big boy”.  But today I looked at you and thought ” You’re still my little baby”. 🙂 … Continue reading


Henry’s View of Sports

Henry's View of Sports -

One of my Aunts sent Henry a cute football themed outfit.  I started to take a few pictures to send her and then I decided they were so cute I should share them with you guys. Since I wouldn’t let … Continue reading