Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler}

Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler} -

Fall weather has just started to blow in around here but I did manage to squeeze in one final summer activity last week.  I pulled out Henry’s water bin and decided it was time for some new objects to play … Continue reading

Rice Sensory Bin {Playing With Baby, Day 1}

Rice Sensory Bin {Playing With Baby, Day 1} -

Henry has explored every nook and cranny of our house (that he can reach) and most of his toys fail to thrill him like they used to.  A lot of times I think he is fussy just because he is … Continue reading

Henry – Seven Months

Henry - Seven Months -

Henry, At seven months you…. Still have your stork bite birth mark at the nape of your neck.  It has faded some but you don’t have any hair covering it up at the moment so it is more noticeable. Have … Continue reading