Henry – Seven Months

Henry, At seven months you….Henry - Seven Months - finddailyjoy.com

  • Still have your stork bite birth mark at the nape of your neck.  It has faded some but you don’t have any hair covering it up at the moment so it is more noticeable.
  • Have have gained almost two pounds this month (15 lb 12 oz, 27 1/2″ length and 17 1/2″ head circumference)!  I knew you were looking chunkier. 🙂  You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes and since you gained weight without growing much taller you are starting to fill out your clothes better.
  • Enjoy chomping on teething toys but still don’t like to chew on anything cold.  It doesn’t look like those teeth are anywhere near the surface.
  • Are nursing every 3 hours for a total of five feedings a day and are getting a few ounces of formula in a bottle after three or four of the feedings.  You love to eat solid foods and are up to three meals a day.  So far you have had rice, oat, barley and wheat cereals, sweet potatoes, squash, sweet peas, avocados, apples, bananas, pears, cantaloupe (in a mesh bag) and watermelon.  You don’t like green foods but if I mix them with something sweet you’ll eat them.  You also attempt to snack on cheerios and bagels.  Right now you don’t actually eat much of these snacks, it is more to help develop your fine motor and oral skills. 
  • Still take a few 30 minute cat naps.  As long as we are at home following the nap time routine and put you down at just the right time (tired but not too tired) you will often go to sleep without so much as a whimper.  You do not however like to sleep when we are out and about and there are interesting things going on.
  • Are usually asleep by 8 pm and still sleep through the night.  
  • Started to rub your eyes when you are tired.  It looks so cute!
  • Suck your thumb a lot.  In fact you got a blister from sucking it so vigorously and frequently when you had your eye and sinus infections.
  • Like to play on your tummy and are enjoying your mobility.  You are able to move across the room by dragging yourself with your arms and can help push yourself forward with your toes but haven’t quite coordinated your arms and legs.  You also end up pushing yourself backwards a lot which you find vary frustrating.
  • Are able to sit up on your own for several minutes at a time.  You and can lean forward or to the side to reach something and then sit back up.  Most of the time you transition to your tummy and scoot away.  I think you would much rather be on the go than stuck in one place.
  • Like it when we hold you in the standing position.  Sometimes we let you just hold onto our fingers or the edge of furniture and balance yourself but you’re still a little wobbly.
  • Are still grabbing small objects with your whole hands and have a hard time getting things from the inside of your fists into your mouth.
  • Love to explore objects.  You can easily spend 30 minutes picking up, turning over, looking at, patting, shaking, dropping, banging, rolling and putting an object in your mouth.  You are just now starting to figure out that an object may be made up of multiple parts and can be pulled apart (like the rings on the post) or can be pulled out (like the birds inside the bird house).
  • Will often pass up your toys to explore other things in the room like the doors, cabinets and furniture.
  • Look for objects when you drop or throw them.
  • Are babbling.  Ba, Ga, Na, Ma, Da, and Wa.  I guess Mama was your first word.  I don’t think you know what it means but you did say it a lot when someone else was holding you and you were crying for me.
  • Like to “talk” to and smile at whoever you see.  You will still willing go to anyone and although there are times when you would prefer Mom you don’t demand to be held by Mom.
  • Are learning to swim.  Or least that is the goal.
  • Want to be where all of the action is.  You love to hear, see and touch everything.  If you hear a sound you will look around for it’s source.
  • Love to be outside!  As soon as I start to open the door you squeal with delight and fail your arms and legs.
  • Enjoy when we read books together.  You will often squeal or “talk” over me and try to help me turn the pages.
  • Are afraid of loud noises like the dryer, water running in the tub and the blender.  You are also absolutely terrified when we hold you up to the gerbil cage but are fine if your Dad takes a gerbil out and holds it up to you.

Henry - Seven Months - finddailyjoy.com

Henry - Seven Months - finddailyjoy.com

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