Friday Five {Vol. 2}


This week has been busy and not very fun.  I spent most of my time looking for new home, auto and health insurance.  It’s a project that I was not looking forward to and I kept pushing it down to the bottom of my to-do list.  But, I’m glad that I tackled it because I was able to find some cheeper rates.

In the midst of wading through the insurance mumbo jumbo there were a few things that made me smile this week.

1. Stephen’s ring.  Stephen takes his wedding ring off when he is working with tools and puts it somewhere nearby (pocket, car cup holder, lunch box, dresser, desk, counter).  One day he couldn’t remember where he put it and we looked for it for several days.  Stephen had given up hope but I figured it would show up.  And it did!  I found it this week in the bottom of the washing machine.

2. Plaid.  I love plaid, especially when it comes in the form of cute little baby shirts.DSC02679

3. Baby book.  I dug out my baby book and calendar this week.  It was neat to look back at the pictures, the timeline of when I reached different milestones and what my parents wrote about me.

4. Green.  It seems like almost over night the trees sprouted leaves.  The grass is coming out of it’s dormant brown state and everywhere I look there is green.DSC02694

5. Free book. There are little books in Cherrios boxes right now.  I love books and free books are even better!DSC02696

So what made you smile this week?



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