Happy Father’s Day!


I think that Stephen enjoyed his first Father’s Day.  Henry let Stephen sleep in just a little bit before we woke him up by crawling into bed to snuggle with him.  We gave him a card with the above picture (it was quite a challenge to get some pictures before Henry ripped the letters up and tried to eat them).  Then we gave him some Kicking Horse coffee and a big mug.  I think that will become a traditional gift since I also gave Stephen coffee and a mug when Henry was born (welcome to fatherhood…..now have some caffein so you can take the night shift with the baby 🙂 ).  Then we gave him his Father’s Day shirt.  Just look at my two handsome guys!Happy Father's Day - finddailyjoy.com

Next we were off to church where we were reminded again of what a huge responsibility we have in raising this precious gift from God.  Yikes, what an intimidating task that is!  We’ll just have to take it one day at a time and rely on God’s help.  I’m glad that we can find a perfect example of what a parent should be by looking to our Hevenly Father.

The afternoon was spent taking a nap, playing with Henry and walking around the neighborhood.  We also took a few moments to snap some Father and Son pictures.Happy Father's Day - finddailyjoy.com

Happy Father's Day - finddailyjoy.com

Happy Father's Day - finddailyjoy.com

How thankful I am that Henry has a wonderful Dad that loves him very much!  It has been fun to watch them together over the last six months and to see their relationship grow.  I look forward to many more sweet moments in the years ahead.



5 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

    • The past few years that we have gone to the Banff Mountain Film festival Kicking Horse coffee has been a sponsor and they give out free sample bags of their Kick Ass coffee beans. They are a Canadian company and I ordered the coffee on Amazon. I bought Stephen a bag of their Kick Ass as well as their Z-Wrangler. They have several flavors so if you guys try any other ones let me know how you like them.

  1. I want to give my husband a new baby sooo badly! none of your post have ever bothered me before this one haha!! i guess it was just the thought of randy with our baby! i read this in tears and had to pray past it all!!!

    I love you guys!!! I love Mr Henry!!!! I look forward to many many awesome pictures of stephen and henry in the future!!! :))


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