What Did You Say?

Friday Five {Vol. 35} - finddailyjoy.com

The first word Henry said was “Ma-Ma” and 6 months old.  Then he said “Da-da” at 8 months and added “No-no” at 11 months.  After that we were waiting……and waiting……and waiting for him to learn some more words. Since turning … Continue reading


Let’s Go Swimming

Let's Go Swimming - finddailyjoy.com

We have a neat opportunity this summer.  A lady we know feels that all children should learn to swim as infants and has volunteered to let us use her pool to teach Henry to swim!  We have been waiting for … Continue reading

Henry – Six Months

Henry - Six Months - finddailyjoy.com

Henry, At six months you…. Have thin hair with several new weird bald spots thanks to all of your sleeping positions.  With the bald spots on either side of the top of your head it looks like you have a … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

I think that Stephen enjoyed his first Father’s Day.  Henry let Stephen sleep in just a little bit before we woke him up by crawling into bed to snuggle with him.  We gave him a card with the above picture … Continue reading