Henry – Six Months

Henry, At six months you….

Henry - Five Months - finddailyjoy.com

  • Have thin hair with several new weird bald spots thanks to all of your sleeping positions.  With the bald spots on either side of the top of your head it looks like you have a fohawk.
  • Have always been long and skinny but now that you continue to drop down in the weight, height, and head circumference  percentiles (13 lb 15 oz (2nd percentile), 27 1/4″ length (77th percentile) and 17 1/4″ head (66th percentile)) the doctor is becoming a little concerned.  You are finally wearing 3-6 month clothes but are still too skinny for most of your shorts.
  • Had the tear duct in your right eye blocked up since birth but it appears to be opening up now.
  • Seem to be teething in spurts.  They will bother you for a few days and then not bother you for a week or so.  It doesn’t look like they are near the surface at all.
  • Are nursing every 2 hours and seem really frustrated with it.  I’m doing well just to get you to eat for 5-10 continuous minutes.  You do love to eat solids though!  You lean forward in your seat with your mouth wide open for the next bite.  If we don’t shovel it in fast enough you will give up on us and suck your thumb.  Your favorite food is sweet potatoes.  I’m sure your eating schedule will shift soon because the doctor said you need to eat more solids and we should supplement with formula to put a little more meat on your bones.
  • Still take lots of 30 minute cat naps.  Thankfully you don’t fight naps as much as you used to.
  • Have shifted your bed time back to 8 pm and still sleep through the night.  We still lay you down on your back but you roll over and sleep mostly on your tummy now in addition to sleeping on your back or either side.  When you wake up you lay on your tummy and lift up your head trying to look for us over the top of the bumpers.  We usually find that you have spun around and moved across the crib from where we first laid you down.
  • Suck your thumb a lot.  I think it’s funny when you get tired of playing on your tummy and you prop yourself up on your elbow to suck your thumb.
  • Like to play on your tummy and are enjoying your new found mobility.  You can turn around by shifting your weight from one arm to the other, pull yourself forward a little bit with your arms and sometimes use your toes to push yourself forward.  Every once in a while you will roll over when you are playing.  
  • Can push your walker backwards but haven’t been able to move it forward.  Probably because you can barely reach the floor.
  • Are able to sit up on your own for a few seconds but as soon as you try to reach for something your fall over.  If you are in your Bumbo seat or highchair you are able to lean forward or to the side and then sit back up.
  • Like it when we hold you in the standing position.  Sometimes we let you just hold onto our fingers and balance yourself but you’re still a little wobbly.
  • Want to be where all of the action is.  You love to hear, see and touch everything.
  • Enjoy being out and about – sitting on the porch, taking a stroll around the backyard, going on walks around the neighborhood, going to the store or going to someone else’s house.  I think you get bored when we just stay home.
  • Are doing better at communicating with body language and voice inflection.  It is easier to tell when you are happy, excited, surprised, scared, nervous tired, bored, mad, don’t want to do an activity anymore, want to sit up or stand up, want to play or want to cuddle.
  • Since I can hold your attention for a little longer and you are interested in watching what I am doing I have started to teach you some sign language.  They say it will be a little while before you are able to make the signs yourself.  I’m interested to see how well you catch on.
  • Smile and laugh when we tickle you.
  • Like to splash with your hands and kick your feet in the bathtub.
  • Enjoy when we sing action songs like Patty Cake, Incy Wincy Spider, My God Is So Big and Deep and Wide.
  • Like to drink from the straw on my water bottle but don’t like to drink from a real cup or your sippy cup.
  • Called Munchkin, Pumpkin, Cuddle Bug, Handsome and Buddy by me.  Your Dad calls you Stinky Pants and My Boy.

Henry - Six Months - finddailyjoy.com

Henry - Six Months - finddailyjoy.com

Henry - Six Months - finddailyjoy.com

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