Friday Five {Vol. 11}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.  

1.  Family.  It was so good to spend time with my family!  We are all spread out across the county and don’t get to see each other very often.

2.  Break from cooking.  Preparing meals is one of those things that I do simply because we need food to sustain life, not because I really enjoy it.  So you better believe I was happy to take four days off during the family reunion!  Thank you to those of you who did the hard work so the rest of us could relax. 🙂

3.  New business.  It’s official, Stephen and I have started a business and are now owners of a legitimate LLC!

4.  Goo Gone.  That stuff is seriously amaizing.

5.  Health.  Good health is one thing I often overlook.  I took Henry to the Doctor this week for his regular check up and as I was sitting in the waiting room I though about just how thankful I am that we are all in good health.

So what made you smile this week?



One thought on “Friday Five {Vol. 11}

  1. 1 my husbands vacation this whole q
    Week !!

    2. Road trips and fun things
    We been up too

    3. Eos ChapStick LOVE IT

    4. My neighbor who bakes us a new pie every week !!

    5 our pool and the many hours sun tanning … I got a nice tan going on 🙂

    Miss u! Called you twice.

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