To Grandmother’s House We Go

To Grandmother's House We Go - finddailyjoy.comAt the end of July we took a looooong trip up north to visit Stephen’s family.  We went over the river and through the woods and mountains and corn fields and cities…….it took us 23 hours to get from our house to Stephen’s parents house.   We did most of the driving at night and Henry did much better in the car than I expected!

On our way up we stopped to visit one of Stephen’s Grandma’s.  I love how energetic she is!  She views her nursing home as a mission field and is busy sharing Christ with all who will listen.

We also spent an evening visiting Stephen’s other Grandparents.  They are a large, close knit family so of course all of the Aunts, Uncles and cousins had to come over for a party. 🙂 To Grandmother's House We Go -

No trip up north would be complete without visiting my best friend!To Grandmother's House We Go -

Her youngest child is a month older than Henry and Henry enjoyed having a playmate.To Grandmother's House We Go -

Stephen’s Mom had recently had surgery on her foot and was still in a lot of pain so we spent most of our time at their house talking and playing with Henry.To Grandmother's House We Go -

Henry loved their dog and was always trying to crawl over and “pet” it.  But as usual, the dog didn’t seem too thrilled to have a baby grabbing at it and would wander off to sleep in peace.To Grandmother's House We Go -

We did have one action packed day in which Stephen and I went to Six Flags Great America.  I haven’t been on a roller coster in years and loved it!  We then topped it off by going to see Annie.  Some of the guys in our party were not too thrilled with the idea of going to a musical but we all had a great time.  I thought the actress playing Miss Hannigan was hilarious and the youngest orphan girl was adorable.

We were there for a week but it seemed too short!  I wish we didn’t live so far away, we would love to visit more often.Signature


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