Party Hat {Tutorial and Printable}

A few days ago I shared my son’s first birthday party.  The theme was “first trip around the sun” and you can see more pictures here.  I made most of the decorations myself and wanted to share with you how I did some of these projects.


Party Hat {Tutorial} -

Henry didn’t really want to wear his party hat and I knew that would probably be the case but I couldn’t help but make this fun little hat.  Perhaps you have a birthday party coming up, or maybe even a new years party.  These little hats are easy to create and would make any event more festive.  Here is what you will need.

Party Hat {Tutorial} -

Let’s get started!

Party Hat {Tutorial} -

  1. Hop on over to Oh Happy Day and download her hat template here.  She has some really pretty ruffly hats if you need ideas to doll your hat up for a little girl.  Once you have your hat template printed and cut out trace it onto your card stock.
  2. Cut out your hat.
  3. Roll up your hat and insert the tab into the slit.
  4. Cut out your free numeral one printable found below and glue it onto the front of your hat.
  5. Cut twelve lengths of curling ribbon 2′ long and one length of ribbon 10″ long.
  6. Gather up the 2′ long ribbons and tie them together in the middle with the 10″ ribbon.  When you tie your 10″ ribbon be sure you have two long ends to secure to the hat.
  7. Use scissors to curl the ends of the 2′ long ribbons.
  8. Poke the ends of your 10″ ribbon through the hole in the top of the hat and secure to the inside of the hat with tape.  Then cut two more lengths of ribbon 18″ long and secure them to the sides of the hat near the bottom with tape.  These last two pieces of ribbon will be used to tie the hat onto the head.

To download the free numeral one printable right click on the image and save it to your computer.Party Hat {Tutorial} -

Oh I just love the curling ribbon on the top of the hat!Henry's "First Trip Around The Sun" Birthday Party -

I hope you enjoy your party!



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