Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15}

I did a little brainstorming session to come up with a list of fun new activities for my ten month old and decided to share them with you over the next month in a series called 20 Days of Playing With Baby.  None of these ideas are Earth shattering, supper cool, never been done before activities but maybe you haven’t tried them before or maybe they will help spark a fun new activity of your own.


Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15} -

For this activity I used:

  • Lids from baby food jars
  • Empty wipes container

Right now Gerber is printing animals on the metal lids of their baby food jars.  UPDATE: Several people have been interested in these lids so I have added some more information about them.  They are calling them Lid’dle Friends and there are 30 animals to collect.  I have a placemat from Gerber showing all of different lids.Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15} -

It may be hard to see the lids in the picture so here is a complete list: Pelican, Reindeer, Duck, Panda, Chicken, Bee, Ladybug, Elephant, Cat, Pig, Horse, Koala, Monkey, Bear, Rabbit, Owl, Butterfly, Dolphin, Crocodile, Giraffe, Bird, Toad, Dog, Lion, Tiger, Whale, Seal, Parrot, Turtle, Penguin.

I have collected these lids and store them in an empty wipes container.  My main goal for this activity is to have him put the lids into the slot of the wipes container.Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15} - finddailyjoy.comBut Henry isn’t too interested in that.  He would rather open and close the lid….Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15} -….or take the lids out of the container….Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15} -….or just play with the lids by themselves.Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15} - finddailyjoy.comHe really enjoys these lids and will usually play with them independently for 30 minutes!  In the future we can use these lids for more interactive play as we talk about the colors and animals or use them for a matching game.  But right now this container usually makes it’s appearance when I’m trying to make dinner and Henry needs an activity to keep him busy. 🙂

In case you missed it, you can check out the previous days here:  Rice Sensory Bin {Day 1}    Easy Puzzle {Day 2}    Kitchen Crinkle {Day 3}    Car Ramp {Day 4}    Cotton Ball Squish {Day 5}    Water Sensory Bin {Day 6}    Obstacle Course {Day 7}    Pom Pom Drop {Day 8}    Exploring Sticky {Day 9}    Cloud Dough {Day 10}    Digging In Jello {Day 11}    Basket Of Balls {Day 12}    Sweet Smelling Finger Paint {Day 13}    Ball Pit {Day 14}


This activity is great for developing your child’s: fine motor skills, curiosity and reasoning.


9 thoughts on “Container Of Lids {Playing With Baby, Day 15}

  1. Hello Emma.I also let my daughter play with the lids until I noticed she was scraping the paint off of the lid with her teeth. I became worried and stopped her from playing with them. Then I searched the net to see if the paint would be dangerous but haven’t found any info. Do you or anyone else have any info about if the lids are safe for children?

    • I haven’t noticed any of the designs being scratched off of our lids. But, I only bring them out occasionally for supervised play and don’t let him chew on them too much. I did a little internet search myself and couldn’t find any information about the lids so I called Gerber. The representative I spoke to said that their food packaging is not intended to be used as a toy and couldn’t give me any specific information on the animal lids.

  2. Hi Emma!
    I am a Nanny who derives great joy from nurturing babies & young children.
    I too collect the Gerber lids, & have come up with 12 different games/ activities using them! They are so cute!
    I agree with Doniel, young babies mostly want to chew on them! So I save them for use with my kids aged 4 to 6 yrs.
    Thanks for sharing! Have fun with Henry!

      • Yes, I love having a job I love going to! The families for which I have worked many years are so kind to continue to hire me for date nights, as well as just including me in their lives.

        It is very rewarding to know that I played an important part in their children’s development.

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