What Did You Say?

The first word Henry said was “Ma-Ma” and 6 months old.  Then he said “Da-da” at 8 months and added “No-no” at 11 months.  After that we were waiting……and waiting……and waiting for him to learn some more words.

Since turning 16 months old he has added several new words to his vocabulary!  Here is a look at the words in his dictionary.

  • “Mow” (more) – This could mean:
        • I’m hungry and I want something to eat.
        • I ate everything on my plate and want more to eat.
        • I don’t want to eat the food you gave me and want to eat something else.
  • “Naah” (snack) – This is always said with a voice inflection that implies it is a question.  As in: Can a have a supper yummy snack from the pantry?!
  • “Ah-da” (all done)
  • “Oh-no” (Oh no) – This could mean:
        • Oh no, I dropped my toy.
        • Oh no, my shoe fell off.  Can you put it back on?
        • I’m having a hard time putting this toy back together.  Can you help me?
  • “Yay” (yay) – As in:
        • Yay!  This is a fun activity!
        • Yay!  I did it all by myself! (usually accompanied by clapping)
  • “Wohw” (whoa) – As in:
        • Whoa! I almost fell of the sofa!
        • Whoa! Daddy spun me around fast!
  • “Meow” (meow) – It means cat.
  • “Dah” (dog)
  • “Wof” (woof) – He says this to mimic a dog that he hears barking and it is his answer to “what does a dog say?”
  • “Awah” (owl)
  • “Ba” (bird)
  • “Ba” (bear)
  • “Bah” (bath)
  • “Bah” (ball)
  • “Bi” (book)
  • “Di” (diaper)
  • “Goh” (go) – This could mean:
        • I want to go outside.
        • Can we go for a walk around the neighborhood?
        • I want to go for a ride in the car.
        • It looks like you are getting ready to go somewhere.  Can I go too?
  • “Maww” (mouth)
  • “Nooow” (nose)
  • “Ey” (eye)

Right now, no is the word he says most frequently.  It is the answer to almost every questions you ask…..even if he really means yes.

(If you are reading this post as an email you may have to go to the blog to see this video.)

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