Lily – One Month

Lily - One Month -


At one month you……

  • Are long and skinny (21.75″ long (87th percentile), 8.4 lbs (28th percentile), 14.5″ head circumference (71st percentile).
  • Are still wearing newborn clothes and diapers but the sleeves and pant legs are getting too short.
  • Have dark hair and dark grey eyes.  The little tuft of hair that sticks up by your cowlick makes me smile.
  • Have your Dad’s eyes and your Mom’s nose and chin.
  • Sleep with your head turned to the left too often because the doctor says you have a flat spot.
  • Have long fingers, long arms, long feet and long toes.
  • Have a swirly belly button that reminds me of a cinnamon roll.
  • Will only eat when you want to and there is no convincing you otherwise.
  • Don’t like to nurse for comfort or when you are tired but you sure do love your paci!
  • Love to be swaddled with your hand up by your face.
  • Are a very sleepy baby!!  You will sleep anywhere and through anything which is great because your brother is rarely quiet.
  • Seem to have your days and nights figured out and will only wake up once or twice to eat.

Lily - One Month -

Lily - One Month -

Lily - One Month -

Lily - One Month -

I can’t wait to get to know you more sweet girl!

Love, Mommy


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