Not Feeling Well

Not Feeling Well -

Henry’s right eye has had a blocked tear duct since birth so it is not uncommon for his eyelid to look a little red and for his eye to be a little goopy.  Last week, however, it was looking a little more red and swollen than usual.  He was acting fine and didn’t have a fever but he was rubbing his eye a lot and after several days it didn’t seem to be looking any better.  So on Thursday I took him in to see the pediatrician.  The doctor checked him out, said he had an eye infection and prescribed some medicated eye drops.  Have you ever had the privilege of trying to put eye drops into a squirming babies eye three times a day?  Talk about a challenge!

Today Henry is definitely not feeling well.  The poor little guy has a fever and wants nothing more than to cuddle and sleep.  You know something is wrong when my boy who usually always fights naps and never falls asleep in the midst of commotion drifts off to sleep without a whimper in his chair with toys in the middle of the kitchen!



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