Friday Five {Vol. 37}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. Touch A Truck – Last weekend I took Henry to the touch a truck event downtown.  They had a variety of public service vehicles, construction equipment and a few sponsor’s company vehicles there for kids to climb all over.  I didn’t even know that our town had a S.W.A.T. team truck.  Henry was excited to see the backhoe and firetruck but his favorite vehicle to explore was the moving van.  He walked up and down the ramp at least 20 times!Friday Five {Vol. 37} -

2. Frogs – I like sitting out on the porch at night and listening to the chorus of frogs.  It reminds me of summer evenings as a kid when we would run around and catch fireflies.

3. My Mom’s Motorcycle – I think it is neat to dig into the past and learn about your family ties.

(If you are reading the post by email you may have to go to click over to my site to see this video.)

4. Summer Reading Program – I recently signed Henry up for the summer reading program and, as usual, we are reading lots of books.  Mmmmmm…..I would love to get lost in a good book right about now!

5. Riding lawn mower – Stephen had been talking about wanting a riding lawn mower for a little while and then one day our neighbors gave us theirs!  It had been sitting in their shed for a few years and needed some work, but Stephen was able to get it up and running again.  What a blessing to have such generous neighbors!  Oh, and of course Henry likes the mower too.Friday Five {Vol. 37} -

So what made you smile this week?


Let’s get together!


3 thoughts on “Friday Five {Vol. 37}

  1. We got my 2 year old a john deer tractor for Christmas ( the ones at Walmart for little kids of course) he loves it! Well a few weeks ago my brother put the mower deck up and drive the tractor down to my grams field and left my son get on with him and drive around the field. The next day at our house we went outside to play and my 2 year old looks at his little kid tractor and says.. “That’s dumb” lol like he is now too big for a play tractor haha. He is not supposed to be saying “dumb” but you can’t always control what a two year old says lol

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