What Is Going On Around Here

I started to write a Friday 5 but then decided to switch gears and tell you what has been going on around here recently.

Silly Boy

Henry usually has a smile on his face and is quick to laugh.  It is fun to see more of his personality!What Is Going On Around Here - finddai

Henry is also busy testing out his physical skills. It cracks me up when he steps up on top of something that is only a few inches off the ground and grins from ear to ear as though he just scaled Mt. Everest.  One of his other little tricks is to bend over and put his head and hands on the floor, then giggle as he peaks through his legs.

What Is Going On Around Here - finddai

Sweet Boy

Henry has just started giving kisses!  He looks at you very seriously, puckers up and then slowly goes in to kiss you on the lips.  It melts my heart every time!

Neighbor’s Cat

The neighbor’s cat comes over to our house ALL THE TIME now.  Henry absolutely loves the cat and the cat seems to like him.  I find it odd that the cat will come near when Henry starts to cry.  That is what happened in this picture.  Henry was crying because I declared lunch time to be over and he wanted more applesauce.  Next thing I know the cat had jumped up on the window sill and started meowing.  One other time Henry was standing by the door crying because he wanted to go outside and the cat ran up to the door and meowed.  Perhaps Henry sounds like a kitten is distress?What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com

New House For The Chickens

The chicks can fly up a few inches now and one had escaped the small box they were in.  So we snagged this large box from our neighbor who purchased a new oven and turned it into their new home.  Stephen also added a 2×4 for the chickens to perch on and they are always fighting for the right to sit up there.What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com

Planting Seeds

I tried to start some seed indoors so we could get a head start on our garden this spring.  Sigh…..It’s not working very well.  Gardening is definitely not my thing!What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com


Snacks, snacks and more snacks!  Every time you go into the kitchen Henry points to the pantry door and wails as though he has been starving for days.  When it comes to meal time and he will clean his plate and sign “more”.  Often he will eat more than me!  Lots of people told me that boys will eat you out of house and home but I didn’t think it would start this early.What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.comDate Night

Last weekend we had two date nights!  We went to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour both nights and had a great time.  This was our fourth year and we always enjoy the films.  It is amazing to see the epic outdoor adventures that some brave people have gone on.

As an added bonus I got an Andes mint shake on the way to the film festival.  Mmmmmm…….What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com

New Shoes

We are borrowing a bunch of shoes for Henry from a neighbor and these are his favorite.  Don’t even think about trying to take them off at nap time! What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com

Family In Town

Stephen’s parents came down for a few days and brought a few teens from their church to visit a university nearby.  Stephen and his Dad spent most of their time building a chicken tractor.  I’ll be sure to share a picture of the finished chicken tractor….once it is actually finished.What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com

Henry enjoyed playing the game of chase with Grandma and “working” outside with Daddy and Grandpa.  He would take small tools out of the tool box and carry them around the yard.  In this picture I think he was trying to tell them what they should do next.What Is Going On Around Here - finddailyjoy.com

Mom’s Night Out

I went to a Mom’s night out event this week and painted a piece of pottery!  I meant to take pictures by I got so busy painting that I completely forgot.  Oh well,  I’ll post a picture of the completed project later.

Well, there are plenty more things going on around here but I guess I better stop for now.  This post turned out to be way longer than I was expecting!  Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great weekend.


Let’s get together!


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