Friday Five {Vol. 38}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. Stephen’s job – So I don’t think that I’ve told you guys yet, but Stephen started a new job back in August.  It is a video production job and he is really excited to finally have a job in his field.  The first two months on the job were slow but recently things have picked up and this week he was able to do some shooting and editing on his own!

2. Fall weather – I haven’t put away all of our short sleeve shirts just yet but we are starting to get some fall weather and the leaves are dropping.  Fall is my favorite season!!

3. Escape artist – I’m not exactly sure how he managed this, but some point during his nap Henry tried to escape from his shirt.Friday Five {Vol. 38} -

4. New sounds – Henry learned the letters “k” and “s” this week.  Now he has added several new words to his vocabulary and added the second syllable to some of the words he was already saying.

5. New coop – Our chickens had outgrown their original coop and weren’t all going in at night to sleep.  Now they have a new, spacious coop and since they go in on their own we no longer have to gather them up each night.Friday Five {Vol. 38} -

So what made you smile this week?


Let’s get together!


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