Playing In The Leaves

Yes, I know that it is December and it seems a little odd to be talking about leaves.  But around here there are still a few leaves clinging to the trees and lots of people have piles of leaves out by the road waiting to be picked up.

Playing In The Leaves -

A few weeks ago Stephen blew our leaves into a giant pile for Henry to play in.  At first Henry wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to go in the pile.  However, it didn’t take long to be convinced that it was fun!Playing In The Leaves -

Of course sticks can be just as exciting as leaves.

Playing In The Leaves -

Once Henry was done playing in the leaves he decided it was time to help Daddy clean up the mess.Playing In The Leaves -

He does have a cute child sized rake but he liked the challenge of trying to wield the huge rake.

Playing In The Leaves -


Let’s get together!


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