Pom Pom Drop {Playing With Baby, Day 8}

I did a little brainstorming session to come up with a list of fun new activities for my ten month old and decided to share them with you over the next month in a series called 20 Days of Playing With Baby.  None of these ideas are Earth shattering, supper cool, never been done before activities but maybe you haven’t tried them before or maybe they will help spark a fun new activity of your own.


Pom Pom Drop {Playing With Baby, Day 8} - finddailyjoy.com

For this activity I used:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Large pom poms

I attached the toilet paper tubes vertically to my refrigerator using the painter’s tape.  Then I set out some large pom poms for Henry to drop down the tubes.  I didn’t show him what I wanted him to do because I was curious to see if he would figure it out on his own.

At first he explored the colorful pom poms (with his mouth).Pom Pom Drop {Playing With Baby, Day 8} - finddailyjoy.com

Then he inspected the tubes.  He was really intent on pulling the one tube off so I had to add a little extra tape.Pom Pom Drop {Playing With Baby, Day 8} - finddailyjoy.com

Finally he dropped the pom pom into the top of a tube and laughed when it fell down to the floor.Pom Pom Drop {Playing With Baby, Day 8} - finddailyjoy.com

I had set up three different tubes for him to drop the pom poms into thinking that he might like the variety.  But he only used one tube so if I were you I wouldn’t bother saving up a bunch of tubes for this activity.

In case you missed it, you can check out the previous days here:  Rice Sensory Bin {Day 1}    Easy Puzzle {Day 2}    Kitchen Crinkle {Day 3}    Car Ramp {Day 4}    Cotton Ball Squish {Day 5}    Water Sensory Bin {Day6}  Obstacle Course {Day 7}


This activity is great for developing your child’s: fine motor skills and reasoning.


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