Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9}

I did a little brainstorming session to come up with a list of fun new activities for my ten month old and decided to share them with you over the next month in a series called 20 Days of Playing With Baby.  None of these ideas are Earth shattering, supper cool, never been done before activities but maybe you haven’t tried them before or maybe they will help spark a fun new activity of your own.


Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9} - finddailyjoy.com

For this activity I used:

  • Packing tape
  • Plastic ball pit balls

In this quick and easy activity Henry was able to explore a sticky surface.  I laid out several long pieces of packing tape with the sticky side up.  I then lined the pieces up next to each other and taped the ends down with more packing tape.  I had the tape stuck to a plastic bin but I would not recommend that because the tape didn’t stick to the plastic very well.  It would probably work better to attach the tape to a large piece of cardboard.   I then stuck several plastic ball pit balls to the tape for Henry to remove.Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9} - finddailyjoy.com

At first he seemed confused that the balls didn’t roll across the tape like they usually roll across the floor.  However they did make a fun sound.Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9} - finddailyjoy.com

He then had fun picking up the balls and sticking them back down.Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9} - finddailyjoy.com

He didn’t seem to like touching the tape with his hand though.Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9} - finddailyjoy.com

In case you missed it, you can check out the previous days here:  Rice Sensory Bin {Day 1}    Easy Puzzle {Day 2}    Kitchen Crinkle {Day 3}    Car Ramp {Day 4}    Cotton Ball Squish {Day 5}    Water Sensory Bin {Day6}    Obstacle Course {Day 7}    Pom Pom Drop {Day 8}


This activity is great for developing your child’s: fine motor skills and reasoning.


One thought on “Exploring Sticky {Playing With Baby, Day 9}

  1. This is sooo good. As a working mother i am always on the lookout for spending quality time with my baby. He too is majorly bored with rattles and squeaky toys. Thanks for sharing. Will try them and let you know how it turns out.

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