Friday Five {Vol. 41}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. Friday – Things have been a bit crazy at work the last few weeks and I’ve been putting in extra hours at home to try and keep up. I’m glad the weekend is here!

2. Bubbles – Henry finally learned how to blow bubbles!  He was so proud of himself and wanted to try every single  wand.  When he got tired of blowing bubbles we added the next best thing……water!Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

3. Sitting Up – Lily sat in the Bumbo seat for the first time today.  She really enjoyed sitting on the porch and watching Henry play.Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

4. Green Grass – I can’t resist going barefoot in the cool, soft, green grass.  The feeling instantly brings back memories of summer as a child.Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

5. Little Tomatoes – I spy something growing in our garden…..Friday Five {Vol. 41} -

So what made you smile this week?


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Henry – Six Months

Henry - Six Months -

Henry, At six months you…. Have thin hair with several new weird bald spots thanks to all of your sleeping positions.  With the bald spots on either side of the top of your head it looks like you have a … Continue reading