Henry – Twelve Months

Henry, At twelve months you….Henry - Twelve Months - finddailyjoy.com

  • Really chunked up and put on almost 3lbs this month (22 lb 13 oz, 30″ long and 18 1/2″ head circumference). You are wearing 12-18 month clothes and have almost outgrown your size 4 shoes.
  • Have eight teeth.
  • Are still nursing three times a day but we are going to wean you soon since you are drinking more from a cup now.
  • Love finger foods and eat them almost exclusively.
  • Are still taking two naps a day.  One long hour and a half nap in the morning and a shorter 30 minute nap in the afternoon.
  • Finally started to crawl on your hands and knees after you learned how to walk on your own.
  • Were only walking to us if we coaxed you at the beginning of the month but then started to walk from room to room at the end of the month.
  • Finally waved bye-bye this month.  We are still working on getting you to clap.
  • Learned how to climb up stairs and up ladders.
  • Are becoming a little more sophisticated in your play.  You can nest toys, build small towers, roll a ball back and forth with us and push your car across the floor and crawl after it.
  • Will try to get our attention by touching something you know you’re not supposed to touch.  You will wait till we look at you, smile and touch the object, then laugh when we tell you not to touch it.
  • Started to say “no-no-no!” when you don’t want something.
  • Are becoming more determined to do what you want to do and go where you want to go.  If you don’t get your way you will throw a little fit.
  • Still love to go shopping with me.  You will smile and “talk” to anyone who will pay attention to you.
  • Are still my little cuddle bug and can be very sweet when you want to be.

Henry - Twelve Months - finddailyjoy.com

Henry - Twelve Months - finddailyjoy.com

Henry - Twelve Months - finddailyjoy.com

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