Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial}

Have you ever heard of wagon or stroller costumes?  Before last year I had never heard of them but I  have to say that they make a lot of sense.  When your little one is too small to walk around the neighborhood on their own, their costumes kind of get swallowed up by the stroller they are ridding in.  So why not turn their wagon or stroller into a costume and plop them inside?

Since Henry is more aware of what is going on this year I figured I should make a costume that he would like.  It wasn’t too hard to think of a theme.  Henry LOVES cars!

Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Are you thinking of making a stroller or wagon costume this year?  It really was quite easy and cheap!  In fact I already had a large box in my garage that was just the right size for my wagon!  I started out by measuring the height of the wagon then subtracted a few inches so the box wouldn’t drag on the ground.  Then using that measurement I cut off one side of the box.Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

What was once the bottom of the box (still taped closed) will be at the back of the wagon and what was once the top of the box will be at the front of the wagon.  The next step was to measure the width of the wagon and figure out how big of a hole I needed to make in the top of the box for Henry to fit inside.   I ended up leaving a 3″ border around the sides and back of the opening so the box would easily rest on the top edges of the wagon.  The opening is 12″ from the front to back (relative to how Henry will sit in the opening) and should give him plenty of wiggle room.

Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

To keep the box from sliding off the wagon I wrapped the top and sides around the front of the wagon and taped them in place.  I also cut out a portion of the sides so the wheels had more room to turn from side to side.Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Using a scrap of cardboard I cut out a strip that will be the windshield and will wrap around the front of Henry’s seat.  I didn’t tape the windshield to the car at this point; just set it on top to determine the size of the windshield.Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Time to paint the car!  White probably wouldn’t have been my first choice (it took 4 coats to cover the words on the box!) but someone had given us 6 cans of white spray paint so I decided to use them up.

Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Once the paint dried the real fun began!  I enjoyed adding all of the little details to the car and was like a giddy little school girl when I showed off the car to Stephen. :)

The back of the car has a trunk that I drew on with a black permanent marker.  The tail lights are red construction paper glued to the box.  And the license plate is blue construction paper with permanent marker letters.  You will notice that there is no steering wheel.  I want to add one but haven’t come up with anything that can turn and won’t easily rip off when Henry tries to play with it.  Any ides?Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Moving around to the side you can see the door I drew on with marker and the wheels.  For the wheels I used black construction paper and aluminum foil.  I think the side mirrors are so fun.  I sandwiched a thin piece of cardboard between a layer of black construction paper and a layer of aluminum foil.  The mirrors are circles with a tab that I slid into a slit in the window and secured to the inside of the window with tape.

Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

The front of the car has my favorite feature.  Just think of how cool it will be to cruse around the dark neighborhood with some bright headlights leading the way!  Yep, those lights really do light up. The small, battery operated, touch lights are the only items I had to buy specifically for our Halloween costumes.  I was pretty excited to find them for a dollar each at Dollar General.  I used a crazy amount of packing tape to attach the lights to the car and I hope they stay on the entire night.  The front of the car also sports a few more drawn on details like the hood, the windshield wipers and the logo (Stephen’s special request).

Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Now I couldn’t just stop with the car.  I had to make some simple costumes for Stephen and I to join in the fun!  By cutting out some construction paper circles and attaching them to a black shirt with safety pins; Stephen will be a stoplight.Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Even baby #2 is going to dress up this Halloween!  It will be the bump in the road.  Ha!  My corny little jokes always crack me up. :)  Bet you can guess what I used to make the road sign and yellow dashed line……yep, more construction paper and permanent marker.Car Halloween Wagon Costume {Tutorial} -

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?  Are you making costumes?


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Friday Five {Vol. 38}


Here are five things that made me smile this week.

1. Stephen’s job – So I don’t think that I’ve told you guys yet, but Stephen started a new job back in August.  It is a video production job and he is really excited to finally have a job in his field.  The first two months on the job were slow but recently things have picked up and this week he was able to do some shooting and editing on his own!

2. Fall weather – I haven’t put away all of our short sleeve shirts just yet but we are starting to get some fall weather and the leaves are dropping.  Fall is my favorite season!!

3. Escape artist – I’m not exactly sure how he managed this, but some point during his nap Henry tried to escape from his shirt.Friday Five {Vol. 38} -

4. New sounds – Henry learned the letters “k” and “s” this week.  Now he has added several new words to his vocabulary and added the second syllable to some of the words he was already saying.

5. New coop – Our chickens had outgrown their original coop and weren’t all going in at night to sleep.  Now they have a new, spacious coop and since they go in on their own we no longer have to gather them up each night.Friday Five {Vol. 38} -

So what made you smile this week?


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Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler}

Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler} -

Fall weather has just started to blow in around here but I did manage to squeeze in one final summer activity last week.  I pulled out Henry’s water bin and decided it was time for some new objects to play with.  If you looked closely at the pictures from Henry’s last water sensory bin you may have noticed some blue circles.  Those rings are pieces of a pool noodle and since they are colorful, easy for little hands to manage and float I think they are perfect for the water bin.  When I spotted pool noodles on clearance at the end of the season I picked up a few more.

Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler} -

The pool noodles are easy to cut with a serrated knife and I cut off slices that are about 1″ thick.  All of those colored rings reminded me of Froot Loops so I decided to go with the cereal theme and throw in some bowls and a large spoon.

Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler} -

Henry has no idea what Froot Loops actually are but he did have lots of fun scooping and pouring.

Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler} -

If the weather in your area is a little too chilly to play with water outside you could always play in the bathtub!

Froot Loops Water Sensory Bin {Playing With Toddler} -

Looking for some more baby and toddler activities?  Click HERE.

Have you ever done a water sensory bin with your little one?  What did you put in the bin to play with?


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Henry – 18ish Months

I had thought about doing an 18 month update on Henry but that never happened.  So…..this is his 18-21 month update. :)Henry - 18ish Months -

At 18 months Henry weighed in at 26 lbs 2 oz (76th percentile) and measured 33″ (85th percentile).  He was wearing 18 month clothes and size 5 shoes.  That didn’t last long though.  Soon that big round belly of his fueled a growth spurt and he is now wearing 24 month/2T clothes and sporting a size 7 shoe.  According to our scale at home he weighs 30 lbs and is 34″ tall.  I don’t know what percentile he is in now but I know that he is the same size or larger than most 2 yr olds we run into.

Over the past few months Henry’s vocabulary has been slowly but surely increasing.  Most of his words are still one syllable but he has recently started to string a few words together like “wah mow ka-ka” (want more crackers) or “uh-oh, wher go?” (uh-oh, where did it go?).

Speaking of talking…..Henry can now count to three.  At first I figured he was just repeating a phrase he hears us say before he falls down on the bed (one of his favorite activities by the way).  But one day he came up to three bottles sitting on the kitchen floor and carefully pointed to each one as he counted up to three.  It is so crazy to see little glimpses of those mental wheels turning!  If he could communicate everything that he really understands I’m sure it would blow my mind.

Henry loves his Daddy and gets VERY excited when he comes home. If Henry hears the truck door close he will run to look out the window and start calling for “Da-da”.  Then when Stephen comes inside Henry will yell “DA!!” at the top of his lungs and run full speed towards him.  As soon as he has finished his greeting Henry runs off to start playing the game of chase.  Yes, Henry thinks his Dad is the best playmate in the world……but when it come to comforting kisses and cuddles…..only Mom will do. :)

Are you ready for a few pictures?

Henry’s Grandparents gave him this wagon and he wants to ride in it every time I go out to the garage to work on laundry.  He loves to open and close the door on the wagon each time he gets in and out (which is about every 5 seconds if we aren’t out on a walk).  One day he insisted on wearing Stephen’s helmet.  Henry must have been expecting to go on a wild ride!Henry - 18ish Months -

It was always a drudgery to get Henry to eat cereal and he would constantly beg to eat cereal out of my bowl. That is until one day when I poured milk into his cereal bowl and gave him a spoon.  He was thrilled to eat cereal this way and will now eat 3 or 4 bowls before he drinks the milk out of the bowl.Henry - 18ish Months -

When Stephen and I came back from our anniversary trip we were greeted with a little boy who no longer slept through the night. :(  He would cry every time we put him down to sleep, tear apart his bed and wake up several times throughout the night screaming and crying.  This went on for about two months but thankfully things went back to normal!Henry - 18ish Months -

Henry is getting to be very particular.  He wants to line things up just so, must stand in exactly the same spot when he plays a game (like throwing his ball), tries to fix rugs when they get rumpled, arranges his apple slices into the same pattern each time you put them on his tray and if you dare to move his plate half an inch to the left he will move it right back to where it was.Henry - 18ish Months -

One day the fire truck stopped in front of our house to check the pressure of the fire hydrant.  When we went out to look at the truck they let Henry sit inside and gave him a hat.  Henry insisted wearing the hat while playing in the blazing heat with sweat pouring off of his head.

Henry - 18ish Months -

I took Henry to a park that is at a small airport one Saturday morning.  It was a busy day and we were able to watch several small planes take off and land.  Henry was very excited every time a plane went by and would wave “bye-bye” to them as they flew away.Henry - 18ish Months -

One thing that cracks me up is when Henry does a silent laugh.  He throws his head back, opens his mouth wide and shakes his upper body while silently laughing.  I wish we had a better video of him laughing but you can see him do a quick laugh at the end of this video.

(If you are viewing this post as an email you may have to go the blog to play the video.)

Every day Henry looks more and more like a little boy and less like a baby!Henry - 18ish Months -


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